Friday, January 16, 2015

This Weeks Top 5

OK, so let me start off with I really did intent for this blog to be a place to talk about the kids and what all is going on here.  It's been busy!  So, I am going to try really hard to at least post a top 5 for the week every week.  The top 5 best moments from the week!  I also am going to try to start posting encouragement.  I know as a Mom and as a Daycare Provider there are moments, days that I really need encouraged.  Raising and taking care of kids is hard work.  I'd call it a labor of love because there is little thanks and the job is never done!  

Here is this weeks top 5

1. Hercules started this week and though we had a few bumps to start (which is totally normal when a kiddo starts at a new daycare) he is a sweet little boy, and a joy to have here.  He is a little older than the other kids.  It was refreshing and it actually surprised me a little when he could tell me what he wanted and didn't want.  The boys are so excited to have another boy to play with.  Even G who is 4 has been excited!

2. Because G has been excited to play with Hercules he has been much more active.  He had gotten in a rut of only wanting to watch cartoons.... all day... everyday!  It has been so nice to be able to get him to play and use his imagination!  

3. As always I love watching the kids learn and grow.  Goose and Sweet Pea have been growing like crazy!  It was really funny this week to watch Goose figure out how to blow and make motorboat sounds with her mouth!  Cracked me up!

 4.  Great Parents!  I am very blessed to have a great group of parents that communicate, and are great to work with.

 5. SUNSHINE!!! Thank you Lord for warmer weather and sunshine!  These kiddos love to go outside!

That's all for today!  Everyone have a great weekend!

~ Mrs. April