Monday, June 6, 2016

How do you say goodbye?

Today was supposed to be the last day for one of my daycare kids.  I've been watching this sweet little girl since she was roughly 7 months old, and she is about to turn 3.  In the over 2 years I've been watching her she has become a part of the family.  I have many sweet memories.  I've watched her and helped her learn and grow.  We've laughed and played... I've hugged her, eased her fears,  and kissed her boo boos.  I've cheered her on.  I have nurtured her everyday as I would one of my own.  We love this sweet baby around here and are sad to see her go.

It's time for her to move on to her next big adventure!  I will miss her... I will also be cheering her on from afar.  She leaves us with many sweet memories and takes a little piece of my heart with her.  

As a daycare provider I care for these kiddos everyday.  They are my whole world.  So, how do you say goodbye?