Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Biting, Bullying, Little Buggers!

Peek a Boo with puppy on the other side of the fence!

Happy Hump Day everybody!  We are half way there!  Yippee! 

Today I am going to talk a little about some issues we've been having around here with little ones being mean little buggers to each other!  They can be so sweet and then turn around and be so mean!  
Hey lets dig in the dirt!

We have had a few biting incidents!  Biting is one of those things that just about every toddler goes through learning is a big no no!  For some they realize after one time of getting in trouble that they don't want to do that, and it is no longer an issue.  For some kiddos it takes a while!  They are at a point where they can't communicate that this person is bothering me... or took my toy... or whatever the issue biting seems to be the way to let the person know I don't like what you are doing!  

I always communicate with my parents to find out how they would like a situation like biting or discipline in general handled.  So for some kids I bite them back!  Yes, that really does work to show them that what you just did really hurts and is bad bad bad. I am really careful not to really hurt them  (Yes I know that seems extreme and for some parents seems way to far)  For others I might pretend that I am going to bite them and just be really scary (like growling mean sounds)  LOL Typing that made me feel like you probably are thinking I'm crazy!  For some kids it's a spanking or possibly sitting in time out, but I always make a big deal about that it is really bad to bite!  The reason... I would really be concerned as a parent if my child was bitten and I have had parents say if it doesn't stop we will need to leave.  So, biting is one of those things that needs to come to an end pretty quickly.  

I also always try to make sure I am sure of what really happened.  Did someone take a toy and that is what cause the biting.  Did someone hurt the other and then got bit for being a big meanie!  I have found that no matter how closely I am watching those kiddos I will look away for a split second and that will be when it will happen!  If I have a biting situation going on I try my hardest to be watching them like hawks and stop any situation before it turns into a biting one, but sometimes it still happens.

Have you experienced dealing with a biting kiddo?  What worked for you?  

Bullying!  I hate bullies!  Unfortunately at toddler age these little guys are figuring out how to share and not steal each others toys.  They are learning how to communicate, and play nice!  Some kiddos this is an easy thing to learn and for some it is really hard!  So, I have to show extra loving patience when we are learning how to play nice.  :-)  

I show them in the moment what they did that wasn't nice, and give them a better option.  If I have warned them and told them that if they can't be nice they will sit in time out then... if they do it again I sit them in time out.  Punishment and knowing the rules is important for little guys.  Lets be honest!  It's good for everyone!  So, they know what to expect. It is also really important to follow through!  If you tell them that this will happen if they do this again... you better follow through.  They pay attention to that kind of stuff (yes even when they are really little!)  They understand more than we give them credit for sometimes, and they will use this knowledge! :-) 

It has started getting nice here!  Thank goodness!  They love to go outside to play and explore!  It is so fun to watch them explore and figure things out!

As always a lot of what I wright about is my opinion about the things going on around me.  I always communicate with my parents and taken their wants for discipline before any thoughts I might have on the issue.  If they ask me for advice or my opinion I give it freely.  

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